We try to keep things simple, eight flavours from £2.50 each, with occasional discounts for multiple purchases.

It's cheesecake in a jar. Being in a jar makes our cheesecakes perfectly portable. The jar helps us take it to market and it helps you get it home - in one piece! In the summer, pack it in your picnic hamper for your days away. It also makes a unique edible gift.

As it is a freshly made dessert, please store it in the refridgerator and eat within a few days of purchase. Most flavours freeze well.

Ask us for details.


Just got 3 cheesecakes from hartlepool farmers market 2 nutella and one apple crumble cheesecake they are delicious kids enjoyed the nutella one I had a taste of it and it's beautiful and the Apple crumble one is beautiful aswell. hopefully you's will be at the next farmers market as ill definately buy more.

Recommendation. Natasha Maddison. 11 August 2018

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